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Gourmet meals at home

With the Miele Dialog oven, sophisticated entertaining is a breeze

Dish up a gourmet dinner – and still enjoy spending time with your guests! With its Dialog oven, Miele provides home cooks with an appliance that revolutionises the art of cooking.

Can you perfectly cook a cod fillet in a massive block of ice? At IFA 2017, Miele added a touch of magic to the presentation of its new premium product, the Dialog oven. The fish inside the ice block achieved exactly the right temperature and a consistency that was worthy of a starter at an award-winning restaurant – all without the ice melting in the oven. Chefs gave live demonstrations of this piece of culinary magic at a number of events in Berlin, delighting the invited guests – including international gastronomy experts, press representatives and influencers from the food scene. 

Technology and innovation: How does the Miele Dialog oven work?

The experiment with the ice block might seem like a magic trick, but the appliance’s secret lies in its precision technology and innovative features. So what does the Miele Dialog oven with M Chef actually do? The appliance has two sophisticated antennae that emit the precise amount of electromagnetic waves to ensure the food is perfectly cooked. It simultaneously measures how much of the emitted energy has been absorbed by the food and adjusts the intensity of the energy input accordingly. There is an ongoing, direct dialogue between the Dialog oven and the food it is cooking. The revolutionary aspect is that while a classic oven slowly transports heat from the outside in, the Dialog oven cooks food in its entirety. So, for example, a fillet steak will be uniformly pink from edge to centre. 

What does this revolutionary technology mean for the home cook? 

Cooking innovations, simplicity, time-saving and excellent results. So if you want to cook a leg of lamb and serve it with green asparagus and sliced potatoes, you no longer have to try to juggle entertaining your guests, creating a flavoursome, al dente side dish and a perfectly cooked roast. The Dialog oven allows you to cook several ingredients with different cooking times on a single baking sheet. In the case of our dinner, the asparagus remains firm, while the meat is tender and juicy – and it’s all ready up to 70 percent faster than using a conventional oven. 

Lovers of fine baked goods and elegant desserts are on to a winner with the Miele Dialog oven. Making a soufflé, French macarons or classic cheesecake tends to require a great deal of patience, and above all a knack for exact timing. But now the M Chef technology supplies these sensitive doughs and creams with just the right amount of energy for the perfect result. 

If you’re someone who likes to spontaneously whip up a festive meal by using frozen cakes and other ingredients, you’ll be pleased to know that the Dialog oven can thaw a cake uniformly from the edge to the middle in just 30 minutes. The same applies to other frozen foods and frozen fish.

M Chef elevates home cooking to a whole new level

The revolutionary M Chef cooking method was specifically designed for the needs of the home cook. The Dialog oven is ideal for the culinary experiments of keen amateur chefs and for people who love entertaining but want the help of a smart technical assistant when cooking particularly challenging dishes.

Author: Jessica Seiffert
Photos: Miele