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How a love of coffee arrives in the cup

Matthias Peters’ passion for coffee has led to a new blend.

Matthias Peters can’t imagine going a day without coffee. Fortunately he doesn’t have to – with the Miele Black Edition N°1 he has created a blend that always works for him.

Matthias Peters can’t imagine going a day without coffee. He begins every morning with a cup of the dark nectar. What’s his ultimate goal? Pure enjoyment! As Managing Director of Vollmer Privatrösterei coffee roastery, he brings his personal passion for coffee to his work. On a quest for a new blend, he was looking for the perfect all-rounder – a variety that would taste equally good as an espresso, café crème or latte macchiato.

So he began experimenting and tasting. And then he experimented some more. He blended different varieties, tried different roasts, tasted again and again – and kept on changing the recipe until he was satisfied. Then he took his blend to Miele, who liked what he had created. But according to Peters, the perfect coffee is more than just an original blend. It also needs a great deal of time and attention. So once he had won over Miele, his coffee went back into the machines and he carried out yet more tastings in his quest for the very best result. Today, this expert of fine nuances produces the Miele Black Edition N°1 blend in his roastery.

He roasts the beans sparingly, giving them just 20 minutes to break open and release their aroma. Matthias Peters also cares about the environment, so he only uses organically grown, fair trade coffee. He truly believes his love of coffee can be tasted.

Author: Maria Berentzen
Images: © Miele