TMV840 WP SFinish&Eco XL T - T1 Heat-pump tumble dryer
  • Fascia/control panel-Lotus white-

TMV840 WP SFinish&Eco XL T
T1 Heat-pump tumble dryer
with A+++ and 9 kg load - best energy efficiency even for large laundry items.

  • Intuitive operation thanks to convenient touch displays
  • Fragrant laundry just the way you like it – FragranceDos


    Freshness for all the senses: with Miele you not only have very bouncy, but also beautifully fragrant laundry.
    Patent: EP 2 431 516
  • The quick alternative to ironing with steam smoothing - SteamFinish


    Less need for ironing: steam and heat smooth textiles while they are drying in the tumble dryer.
  • Particularly large load capacity of 9.0 kg
  • Precision drying of all textiles – Perfect Dry
  • Lotus white
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TMV840WP SFinish&Eco XL T

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