CM7 Freestanding Coffee Machine

January 15, 2016

A barista in your own home

Miele is set to offer even greater pleasure, choice and convenience with two new countertop coffee makers. The brand new CM7 models, which have just landed on South African shores, are able to prepare up to 20 different beverages, including various types of tea. The top-of-the-line model, the CM7500, even descales automatically.

18 January 2015, Johannesburg: “Long black”, “Flat white”, ‘Espresso macchiato” and much more – in choosing from a wide range of specialty beverages, lovers of fine coffee can slip effortlessly into the role of barista. The range comprises 16 different coffee variations alone. And, if you fancy a cup of tea instead, the new Miele freestanding coffee machines are more than willing to oblige – black, herb, fruit and green tea can be brewed at their own ideal temperatures respectively.

Compared with Miele’s previous CM6 series, Mercia de Jager from Miele notes that the new CM7 models feature larger containers for water, beans and coffee grounds. She says that another new convenience feature is the coffee and teapot function: “When visitors arrive, the unit can deliver up to eight cups into a pot for optimum convenience.”

Thanks to a removable brew unit and the automatic rinsing of milk lines, Miele coffee machines set standards when it comes to hygiene. And the CM7 now even dispenses with the irksome chore of descaling. Notes Mercia: “This loathsome task can now be done automatically overnight when the machine is not in use. The descaling agent required is dispensed from a cartridge, which lasts for approximately a year.”

In terms of design and user convenience, Mercia explains that the Generation 6000 built-in models were the inspiration for the new countertop units: “This pedigree starts with the design of the fascia with its colour TFT display (C Touch), which guarantees a simple and intuitive user interface, and continues with the CupSensor that enables the central spout unit to automatically heightadjust.”

Further convenience features include the One Touch for Two functionality for the simultaneous preparation of two coffees, the BrilliantLight LED spout unit lighting, and up to 10 customisable user profiles. The CM7 range comprises the CM7300 (white) and CM7500 (black). The higher-end CM7500 boasts the additional automatic descaling functionality, a heated stainless-steel cup rack, as well as a chrome-plated recess liner.

23 product advantages in one machine:

1. Excellent hygiene and convenience: The convenient cleaning programmes, together with the automatic rinsing function, achieve perfect results for handling and hygiene. Lime scale and soiling are prevented before they can build up – contributing to a longer lifespan.

2. Touchingly simple: After making coffee with milk, all components that carry milk are rinsed automatically with water from the water container. This makes hygiene very easy.

3. Dishwasher-friendly: The ComfortClean system makes hygiene very easy. Many of the CM7 coffee machine parts, such as the water container and the waste container for example, can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

4. Consistent quality: The brewing component is the "heart" of automatic coffee preparation. It can be removed and easily cleaned to ensure a hygienic brew unit, consistently high coffee quality, as well as increasing the longevity of the machine.

5. Pleasantly quiet: Miele coffee machines grind coffee particularly quietly, boasting impressively low noise levels and consistently perfect results.

6. Two for one: All Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines are equipped with the new OneTouch for Two function, as well as with the already familiar OneTouch feature. This function allows you to make two delicious coffee specialities at the same time by simply touching a button.

7. Access to a second coffee variety: In addition to the bean container, Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines also have a drawer for ground coffee. You can use this to make a second type of coffee using ready ground coffee.

8. Prepare several cups: Perfect for when you have visitors, the CM7 can dispense up to 8 cups of coffee or water for tea, one after the other, into a coffee or teapot placed under the spout.

9. Automatic spout adjustment: The CupSensor recognises the height of the cup below and positions the central spout accordingly at a height between 8cm and 16cm. The ideal distance prevents splashes and ensures the perfect coffee temperature and the best possible crema. After the addition of milk the central spout will move upward by 1cm to prevent soiling.

10.Coffee always in view: BrilliantLight is a soft LED light that showcases every cup and provides an ambient mood in your kitchen.

11. Perfectly heated cups and mugs: The integrated cup heater featured in Miele’s CM7500 model provides extra convenience: pre-heated cups available at any time. Coffee needs to be at the correct temperature for perfect coffee enjoyment. Only then can the aroma unfold and a wonderful crema form.

12.To use when and how you prefer: The CM7 range of coffee machines can be programmed to automatically switch on and off as required. For instance, the machine can be programmed to switch on so that you can enjoy your first cup of coffee as soon as you wake up. To conserve energy, the coffee machine can be switched off completely after it has not been used for some time.

13.Customise your taste preferences: You can spontaneously adjust the preparation parameters, according to individual taste preferences. The amount of ground coffee and water can be adjusted in expert mode, while the machine is in operation, which allows you to offer your guests the perfect coffee to suit their individual preferences.

14.The simple touch: With all the enjoyment options the CM7 offers you, its operation is easy and intuitive. The convenient C-Touch display boasts self-explanatory clear text, that is easily readable, yet understated with clear, white writing on a black background. With a few touches of the finger, you can select your favourite beverage and additional settings.

15.Truly energy-saving: In the Eco mode, the coffee machine does not heat up until just before the first beverage serving for optimum energy savings. The Eco mode is a freely selectable optional function and can be activated or deactivated via the basic settings.

16.Perfect milk froth: With the Cappuccinatore, you can prepare hot milk or milk froth in no time at all. In just a few seconds, it heats and froths the milk directly into the cup or glass. Afterwards, it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

17.Intensive coffee aroma: More room for more taste. The brew chamber of Miele coffee machines expands when water flows in. The ground coffee is mixed very thoroughly with the water and the coffee aroma can unfold even better. You can look forward to enjoying wonderfully aromatic coffee.

18.Premium quality grinder: To ensure the best coffee aroma, Miele fits only the best grinding systems in its coffee machines. The conical grinding unit is made from high-quality, non-abrasive steel, and it grinds the coffee beans in a special flavour-preserving way.

19.More aromatic, less bitter: For all who enjoy strong coffee flavour, the new DoubleShot function allows you to prepare the double amount of coffee or espresso, but with a shorter extraction time. This removes much less bitter taste from the coffee, resulting in an especially full and soft coffee aroma without a bitter after-taste.

20.20 different drink specialities: The new CM7 can automatically prepare 20 different types of hot drinks. It not only offers a wide range of Italian coffee specialities, but also the individual preparation of various types of tea.

21.A 20-year lifespan: Quality is Miele's highest priority, and it carries out rigorous endurance tests during the development stage in order to meet the highest quality standards.

22.Optimum safety: The system lock can be set at the touch of a button. The appliance is then protected from inadvertent operation.

23.Descales automatically (only available in the CM7500): The CM7500 has been designed to automatically descale itself every day, at a time of your choosing. This prevents stubborn scale build-up from forming in the first place. To do this, it uses a cartridge that is inserted into the back of the machine, which lasts for about a year. 

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