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Cleaning breathing apparatus in a machine
The PG 8063 Safety dishwasher allows breathing masks and air regulators to be gently but thoroughly cleaned on two levels. Water is replaced in each stage of a programme cycle. This ensures the reliable removal of soiling and effectively reduces the risk of cross-contamination (manual pre-cleaning may also be required depending on the type and level of soiling). The three programmes are perfectly adapted to the wash load and the insert baskets enable you to easily and safely position all equipment and dismantled components.
The additional connection for DI water enables a residual free final rinse.
Reprocessing anaesthetic instruments
The machine-based cleaning and disinfection of anaesthetic instruments offers the highest degree of safety by standardising reprocessing and reducing the effort involved while being gentle on materials. The PG 8592 washer-disinfector was designed with this in mind; it includes integrated fan drying and measures 60 cm wide. The matching A 201 load carrier was specially designed to accommodate anaesthetic equipment and provides space for 8 breathing tubes up to 1.5 m long, which are placed on a spiral rack. The mobile unit is also equipped with 6 nozzles for breathing bags and 15 for intubation material. A mesh tray can be used to clean any additional small parts. Combined with a specialised anaesthesia programme, the PG 8592 is the ideal solution for cleaning, disinfecting and drying your anaesthesia sets.
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