• Miele Bryanston Showroom upgrade

    Miele Bryanston Showroom Upgrade
    Please visit any of our other Miele experience centres

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  • Crazy Specials with Miele

    Crazy Specials with Miele

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  • RX 1 Robot vaccum cleaner

    The new Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    with Smart Navigation System

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  • Generation 6000

    Generation 6000 appliances- Design for life.
    Introducing the new PureLine range

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  • Webshop

    Webshop – Shop from the comfort of your home, delivered direct to your door

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Miele Promotions

Save up to R10 000 on Miele Refrigeration

Click here for more information on Miele promotions & Competitions

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Events at Miele


Experience the world of Miele first hand! You can get inspired and obtain information at the very varied events, get active yourself in the Miele Galleries and active kitchens, or even learn a few tips and tricks from genuine world-class chefs.

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Miele Centres

Miele Centre

The philosophy behind the design and creation of the Miele Centres adheres to the perception of Miele not only manufacturing "appliances" but rather promoting elegant design, quality products and a desirable lifestyle. We simply want to show that Miele designs and manufactures the world's finest appliances

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