The new Little Giants from Miele.

Discover the compact washing machines and tumble dryers for commercial use – and discover innovative technologies for even greater cleaning performance, economy, user convenience and flexibility.

The new Little Giants

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Exemplary efficiency

Thanks to extremely short cycle times, each load is washed and dried in only 85 minutes, whilst the sparing use of water, electricity and detergent conserves valuable resources.

Superb quality

Miele quality and excellence manifests itself not only in the features, durability and low running costs of Little Giants. The excellent cleaning performance and the very gentle treatment of textiles surpass all demands placed on commercial laundry-care systems.


The innovative range of connection options provided by the new Little Giants simplifies the documentation of wash processes and allows status queries and reservations to be submitted from a smartphone.

Greater convenience and flexibility

A variety of drum sizes and tailored programmes meet the specific requirements of a wide variety of target audiences whilst the intuitive touch display and navigation in 32 languages render the user interface and experience extremely simple and convenient.

A solution for every branch.

Whether restaurant, nursing home, hairdressing business or rented accommodation – the new Little Giants from Miele are the ideal match for commercial laundry-care requirements.

Hotels and catering

A solid foundation for first-class hospitality

Well-laundered textiles are a hotel's or restaurant's best reference and contribute in a major way towards guests feeling at home and their willingness to return.

For towels, bath-robes and tablecloths to be available again after use in the shortest of turnaround times, the new Little Giants feature commercial-grade programmes specifically designed for hotels and restaurants, washing and drying laundry in only 87 minutes.

Miele Performance Plus range (washing)

Miele Performance Plus range (drying)

Nursing homes

A solid foundation for considerate care.

In care and nursing homes, the attention of staff contributes just as much to a sense of well-being and feeling at home as hygiene, cleanliness and the careful treatment of personal garments.

With their special-purpose disinfection programmes, the new Little Giants from Miele clean thoroughly and gently and meet the highest standards of hygiene. Thanks to extremely short cycles and their intuitive interface, the new machines ideally support processes in institutional care.

Miele Performance Plus range (washing)

Miele Performance Plus range (drying)

Small businesses

Just the job for satisfied customers.

Whether hairdresser, café or butcher's shop – any business striving to offer their customers an excellent service needs a professional solution when it comes to laundry care to free up time to devote to the core business.

With the new generation of Little Giants, the cleaning and drying of your textiles is simple, convenient and time-saving. Tailored special programmes wash and dry both thoroughly and gently. And, thanks to their compact dimensions, the new machines are ideal for installation in small rooms.

Miele Performance range (washing)

Miele Performance range (drying)

Rented accommodation

A solid foundation for uncomplicated living

A professional approach to washing and drying increases levels of convenience in rented accommodation enormously.

Characteristics such as extreme durability, low operating costs and a touch display with text in local language make Little Giants the perfect proposition for housing associations where large volumes of laundry require treatment whilst at the same time catering for the individual needs of different users. And what's more, reservations and payment processes are simplified thanks to connectivity.

Miele Performance Plus range (washing)

Miele Performance Plus range (drying)

Other branches

The foundation for untold opportunities

Naturally, the new Little Giants are also suited for use in many other areas such as spas, fire stations, on board yachts or in child-care facilities.

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Performance is everything

The new Little Giants are available in two high-performance model ranges. Washing machines and tumble dryers from the Performance range excel in terms of short cycles, thorough cleaning and superb economic efficiency, whilst our Performance Plus models also feature various drum volumes, a full-touch colour display with text in 32 languages and connectivity.

Miele Performance:

Convincing performance for commercial users.

Performance washing machines

Short cycles: washing takes only 49 minutes

Gentle wash process thanks to patented honeycomb drum

High load capacity of 7 kg

Thorough removal of soil by commercial wash programmes

Convenient operation using ergonomic M-Select rotary selector

Sustainable savings of up to 16% water and 30% electricity

Performance dryers

 High load capacity of 7 kg

 Very short cycles lasting only 38 minutes

 Target-group specific programmes

 Convenient operation using ergonomic M-Select rotary selector

 Optimum drying thanks to Miele's PerfectDry

 Compact footprint of only 0.5 m²

Miele Performance Plus: 

Uncompromising high-end solution for the most discerning.

Performance Plus washing machines

Convenient interface with full-touch colour text display

Simple navigation in up to 32 languages

LAN and WLAN connectivity

Convenient status queries using Miele app

Simple reservation and payment thanks to connectivity

Optimal drum size thanks to choice of volumes: 6 kg, 7 kg or 8 kg

Performance Plus dryers

High load capacity of 8 kg

Very short cycles lasting only 38 minutes

Maximum user convenience with full-touch M Touch Flex colour display

Optimum drying thanks to Miele's PerfectDry

Compact footprint of only 0.5 m²

Product longevity: Designed for 30,000 programme cycles