Solutions for Industrial

Fresh water system & process water recycling

For the cleaning and drying of work items

In many areas of the industrial production processes all kinds of different work items such as printed circuit boards, solder frames, metal templates, metal parts, tools, technical glassware, fibre optics, magazines, boxes, trays and much more have to be cleaned and dried. Miele Professional offers a professional solution with washer-disinfectors in different output sizes, so that even huge volumes and large parts can be cleaned efficiently. Depending on the size of the wash items up to 5 wash levels can be used for this. Depending on the application (substrate, soiling, processing procedure) the demands on the cleaning quality are correspondingly varied. The cleaning requirements range from an interim clean (e.g. in the case of solder frames) through cleaning prior to coating (glass substrates, drills, cutting tools) to particle contamination under clean-room conditions (e.g. in the case of boxes, trays and chip trays).

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