Uncovering the mastery behind Miele appliances

Welcome to the Miele test lab

Embodying the unwavering commitment of 'Immer Besser,' we are always in pursuit of elevating our standards. Take a look at some of the stress and endurance tests our laundry, vacuum, and kitchen appliances undergo before they reach the market - choose Miele for outstanding performance and long-lasting quality.

“Since our founding in 1899, we've quietly and confidently mastered our craft. What distinctly sets us apart are the uncompromising standards we establish, embodying our unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Testing the endurance of Miele floorheads

Before a Miele vacuum reaches your hands, its floorhead is tested to cover the distance from Berlin to Barcelona—about 2,000 kilometers.

Dishwasher baskets

Whether you want to host magical dinners for friends or have your daily family meal, cleaning the dishes afterwards should be the last of your worries. That’s why we test the endurance of our dishwasher baskets by opening and closing a fully loaded drawer 100,000 times.

Washing machine doors

As your household and lifestyle evolve, we're dedicated to ensuring you consistently enjoy spotless laundry with the gentle care your clothes deserve. We open and close our washing machines’ doors 100,000 times in a controlled setting so you can rely on its quality for years to come.

Climate resilience

To maintain our performance standards, our vacuums are tested in transportation conditions ranging from -20°C to 60°C, with humidity levels up to 95%. After 336 hours, our vacuums must still be fully functional - ensuring their resilience on a variety of transport routes.

Unwavering craftmanship - Unwavering performance

Peace of mind – Tested for 5,000 wash cycles

After running the equivalent of 5 cycles a week, 50 weeks a year, over a period of 20 years, our washing machines have earned our trust - so we can earn yours.

Ovens & Dishwashers

H 7000 Ovens
Recipes come and go, but reliability remains. We test our ovens and combi steam ovens for 2160 hours of use. And our microwave ovens for 3160 hours of reliable service. That comes down to 108 hours of use per year, or 158 hours per year for microwave ovens.

G7000 Dishwashers
From your finest crystals to your everyday cutlery, our dishwashers are tested to deliver sparkling clean dishes for two decades. We run our dishwashers for 5,600 cycles through a variety of programmes to ensure they can handle 280 cycles per year, over a period of 20 years*.

Built to last - Durability testing

Vacuum cleaner crash test

Miele vacuum cleaner casings and castors are tested to withstand 16,500 bumps.

Automatic cable rewind & strain testing

You want a vacuum cleaner that can effectively navigate and withstand the challenges of home life.

That’s why we un- and rewind the cable reels in our vacuums 10,000 times. And to evaluate the cable’s resilience, they are fully strained 500 times while enduring a 1kg weight.

Miele vacuum cleaner floorheads undergo thorough free-fall testing in a battering drum, as they are designed to withstand 1800 falls on hard flooring.

Sound testing - for a peaceful & quiet home


We test the quiet spin of our laundry appliances, so you have to be quiet to hear them.

Vacuum sound design

Miele's acoustic lab meticulously monitors and fine-tunes the sound emissions of our vacuum cleaners. Evaluating the motor, the floorhead, and the entire air circuit makes for a serene cleaning experience.

Quiet cooling appliances

We know you enjoy a tranquil kitchen environment. Engineered for whisper-quiet operation, we sound test all our cooling appliances, ensuring you can achieve a noise-free kitchen with Miele.

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    *For more information: www.miele.co.uk/20years