Excellent Miele quality for a long service life

In addition to cleaning and drying results, the acoustic values and consumption values for each programme are measured against the high Miele quality pledge in a performance test.
Basket load test
To create realistic test conditions, baskets are heavily laden: 3 kg in the cutlery tray, 10 kg in the upper basket and 20 kg in the lower basket. Under these extreme loads, baskets are automatically pulled out and pushed in 100,000 times.
Door endurance test
During the long life of an appliance, the dishwasher door in particular is subjected to considerable strain. An endurance test simulates this strain: with a special device, the dishwasher door is opened and closed automatically 100,000 times.
The impact test for the cutlery basket
The impact test enables Miele to ensure that the cutlery basket can withstand the strain of everyday use. The cutlery basket is loaded with test cutlery (14 cutlery sets of 4 pieces each) and dropped onto a hard surface from a height of one metre.
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit