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WA UPS2 1402 L Miele UltraPhase 2 Sensitive
WA UPS2 1402 LMiele UltraPhase 2 Sensitive

2-component detergent for whites, colours and delicates.

1 laundry lo = 6.33 ZAR
In stock
WA WC 1503 L WoolCare detergent for delicates 1.5 l
WA WC 1503 LWoolCare detergent for delicates 1.5 l

for wool, silks and other delicates.

1 laundry lo = 10.24 ZAR
In stock
WA CCR 0302 L CottonRepair caps
WA CCR 0302 LCottonRepair caps

3-pack special-purpose detergent for cotton fabrics. EasyOpen. 

1 items = 49.67 ZAR
In stock
WA SP 252 L Special detergent Sport 250 ml
WA SP 252 LSpecial detergent Sport 250 ml

perfect for sportswear and functional clothing.

In stock
Set UltraColor & WoolCare UltraColor and WoolCare campaign set at a discount price
Set UltraColor & WoolCareUltraColor and WoolCare campaign set at a discount price

contains 2 x UltraColor and 2 x WoolCare. 

1 laundry lo = 14.05 ZAR
In stock
WA UP2 1401 L Miele UltraPhase 2
WA UP2 1401 LMiele UltraPhase 2

2-component detergent for whites, colours and delicates.

In stock
WA CBO 0602 L Booster caps
WA CBO 0602 LBooster caps

6-pack maximum strength stain remover. EasyOpen.

1 items = 33.17 ZAR
In stock
WA CWC 0902 L WoolCare caps
WA CWC 0902 LWoolCare caps

9-pack wool and delicates detergent. EasyOpen.

1 items = 28.78 ZAR
Currently unavailable online
WA UC 1501 L UltraColor liquid detergent 1.5 l
WA UC 1501 LUltraColor liquid detergent 1.5 l

highly effective liquid detergent for colours and dark / black items.

1 laundry lo = 18.48 ZAR
In stock
WA DF 252 L DownCare special-purpose detergent 250 ml
WA DF 252 LDownCare special-purpose detergent 250 ml

ideal for pillows, sleeping bags or high-quality down clothing.

In stock
WA CSP 0603 L Sport caps
WA CSP 0603 LSport caps

6-pack special-purpose detergent for synthetic fabrics. EasyOpen.

1 laundry lo = 29.83 ZAR
In stock
WA OU 252 L Special detergent Outdoor 250 ml
WA OU 252 LSpecial detergent Outdoor 250 ml

Perfect for high-quality outdoor and functional clothing

In stock
WA IM 252 L ImpraProtect special-purpose detergent 250 ml
WA IM 252 LImpraProtect special-purpose detergent 250 ml

Ideal for sports and rainwear

In stock
WA UPS1 1402 L Miele UltraPhase 1 Sensitive
WA UPS1 1402 LMiele UltraPhase 1 Sensitive

2-component detergent for whites, colours and delicates.

1 laundry lo = 13.86 ZAR
In stock
WA UW 2702 P UltraWhite powder detergent 2.7 kg
WA UW 2702 PUltraWhite powder detergent 2.7 kg

For optimum results on white textiles and dye-fast coloureds.

1 laundry lo = 14.27 ZAR
In stock
WA CSOA 0902 L Aqua caps
WA CSOA 0902 LAqua caps

9-pack fabric conditioner for freshly scented laundry. EasyOpen. 

1 items = 27.67 ZAR
In stock
WA UP1 1402 L Miele UltraPhase 1
WA UP1 1402 LMiele UltraPhase 1

2-component detergent for whites, colours and delicates.

1 laundry lo = 12.95 ZAR
In stock
WA SO 1503 L UltraSoft fabric conditioner 1.5 l
WA SO 1503 LUltraSoft fabric conditioner 1.5 l

for soft, bouncy laundry and a fresh Aqua fragrance. 

1 laundry lo = 5.58 ZAR
In stock
Set 6 UltraPhase Miele UltraPhase 1 and 2
Set 6 UltraPhaseMiele UltraPhase 1 and 2

Half-year supply of Miele detergents

1 l = 273.69 ZAR
Currently unavailable online
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