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 Combinable with
 Niche height x width
 Cleaning convenience

Pyrolytic cleaning

Less cleaning effort: Automatic self-cleaning of the cooking compartment at high temperatures.

PerfectClean finish

Fast cleaning: as hardly any food residue sticks to the surfaces, cleaning is child’s play.
 For a better result

Moisture Plus

Improved roasting and baking: moisture ensures an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.

Wireless food probe*

No supervision needed: The countdown indicator tells you exactly when the meat, fish or poultry will be ready.
EP 1 985 983 B1EP 1 985 983 B1

Crisp function

For a crispy finish: Some food is cooked better using dry heat, such as pizza or French fries.

Fan Plus

Perfect results: ideal for gentle baking and roasting on up to three levels.
 User convenience

M Touch

the new M Touch display is simple to operate and self-explanatory. The appliances can be operated quickly and intuitively by tapping or swiping on the display. Many functions can be chosen at the touch of a fingertip. The central display with white text and symbols on a black background ensures perfect visibility of information. Where user prompts are required, information is presented in colour.


selecting an operating mode with a single touch of one of the symbols positioned to the left of the display. The touch element to the right of the display is used to navigate through the various elements.


The control elements are designed in a similar way to DirectControl. The only difference: Status information, such as time settings, appears in a 7-segment LC display.
 Networking of domestic appliances
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H 6260 BPOven

with electronic clock and Moisture Plus for perfect cooking results.

Sold out
H 6461 BPOven

with intuitive touch operation and Moisture Plus for perfect results.

In stock
H 6860 BPOven

- the multi-talented expert from Miele.

Sold out
H 6890 BPOven 90 cm

- the multi-talented expert from Miele.

In stock
H 6290 BOven 90 cm

with XXL oven compartment and PerfectClean for particularly easy cleaning.

Available in 5 days
H 2661-1 BOven

with convenience functions and XL oven compartment.

Sold out
H 2661-1 BPOven

with pyrolytic cleaning for easy maintenance.

Sold out
H 2265 B ActiveOven

with timer and XL oven compartment.

In stock
H 2265 BP ActiveOven

with timer, XL oven compartment and pyrolytic cleaning.

Available in 5 days
H 2265 E ActiveOven

with timer and XL oven compartment.

In stock
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