Tested to last the equivalent of 20 years*

No daily routine can be as tough as a Miele product test: Before Miele vacuum cleaners go into series production they must withstand extreme stress in our test laboratory.
The hose test: So resilient!
Miele suction hoses are twisted, flexed and stretched with a 5 kg weight 120,000 times in the laboratory. You can pull your Miele vacuum cleaner along behind you without giving it a second thought.
The motor endurance test: So long-lasting!
We demand top performance from our vacuum cleaners from the first to the last day: Miele motors must demonstrate their quality during an intense endurance test including constantly switching them on and off.
The jamb-and-threshold test: So robust!
In real life a Miele vacuum cleaner must endure many door thresholds and impacts – in this test 16,500 times in a row. This is where the Miele outer casing and swivel castors prove their resilience.
The cable rewind test: So reliable!
Miele mains cables are unwound and rewound again more than 10,000 times in our test apparatus. Only then are we satisfied – and completely sure that everything will also work perfectly for you in your home.
The floorhead test: So durable!
A Miele floorhead must cover a distance of 2000 km on various floor coverings – that is as far as from Berlin to Paris and back. In the process it climbs over a carpet-covered door threshold 60,000 times.
The handle test: So sturdy!
Miele vacuum cleaner handles are loaded with 5 kg weights and then raised and lowered 120,000 times. The handle must withstand the effect of leverage without damage.
applies to cabled appliances with an average use of 45 minutes per week at maximum suction power Figures as examples for showing the product benefit