3-in-1 principle for maximum versatility

More flavour, more vital nutrients 
Steam cooking is one of the healthiest ways of preparing food. But what makes it so healthy? Food is cooked at a relatively low temperature – in contrast to conventional methods where temperatures are often too high, this ensures that important vitamins and minerals are preserved. At the same time, steam cooking doesn’t involve any direct contact with water, so the food retains its intense flavours. The valuable benefits of steam cooking have been scientifically proven. The vitamin C content in particular is significantly higher in steam-cooked food. When peppers are cooked in a steam oven, for example, they contain just as many nutrients as when they are raw – good news for your health and your taste buds.
Perfect baking and roasting results 
Perfect results every time: no matter what type of food you are preparing, fully fledged oven functions such as Conventional heat, Top or Bottom heat, Full or Economy grill, Fan grill or Intensive bake ensure that every dish is cooked to perfection. For added convenience, the food probe monitors the core temperature constantly, calculates the cooking duration automatically and stops the cooking process when the set core temperature has been reached.
Clever combination 
The climate in the oven compartment can be carefully adjusted during a cooking process for even better baking and roasting results – your bread will be so light, with a beautiful crust just like you get from the bakery. And your roasts will be of restaurant standard too. This is because every food needs to have certain amounts of moisture and to be cooked at certain temperatures at different times during the cooking process. For bread, things get underway immediately: steam is injected in the first few minutes – causing the bread to rise better. Meat, on the other hand, is cooked at a high heat to begin with, then extra moisture is added and it carries on cooking at a reduced temperature. This method produces particularly even cooking results and unbeatable flavours.
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