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 Drying system
 Construction type


This appliance is suitable for installation in a stack consisting of a washing machine and a tumble dryer. A washer-dryer stacking kit is required for safely connecting the two appliances.

Can be built-under

The lid can be removed from the appliance and replaced with a building-under kit. As a result, the appliance can also be built into a niche of 82 cm.


Appliance can be inserted into a niche 85 cm high.
 Drying results

PerfectDry precision drying

Soft and fluffy laundry: PerfectDry ensures your laundry is never too damp or too dry. 

FragranceDos fragrance system* 

Freshness for all the senses: the Miele fragrance flacon makes your laundry smell wonderful. 
Patent: EP 2 431 516

SteamFinish steam system

Less need for ironing: steam and heat smooth textiles while they are drying in the tumble dryer.


Significantly quieter: the SilenceDrum reduces rattling noises caused by items such as buttons in the drum.


Hygienically clean: HygieneDry can be relied upon to remove more than 99.99 %* of bacteria and 99.9 % of viruses*.
Tested for Bacillus subtilis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae bacteria in the HygieneDry drying level with half load. A description of the relevant methodology can be found at the following link: the exception of Hepatitis B. Tested by Albstadt-Sigmaringen University and awarded the silver label by the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology (InFluenc_H). A description of the relevant methodology can be found at the following link:
 Drying programmes

Finish Woollens

Beautifully fluffy: Delicate wool fabrics are handled particularly gently, maintaining their quality.

Finish Silks

Hardly any creases: Silk textiles are dried so gently that creasing is minimised.


Prevents creasing: reduces creasing and simplifies the ironing of shirts and blouses significantly.


Best possible effect: Thermally fixing ensures optimum water-repellent properties.


Gentle drying without loss of function: retains the functional properties of multi-layered membrane fabric.


Airy and fluffy: Even big pillows become fluffy again – whether feather, down or synthetic filling


The fitness programme: sportswear is ready to wear again in next to no time.

Cottons hygiene / Minimum iron Hygiene

Good to know: dust mites and bacteria do not stand a chance with a special time/temperature profile.
 User convenience

Domestic appliance networking with Miele@home*

Make your life smart: thanks to Miele@home, you can cleverly network your domestic appliances – for more options.
Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.


Hand in hand: your tumble dryer automatically uses the same programme as your washing machine. 
For this function to work, the tumble dryer and washing machine must be registered in the in-house network and/or in the app. 


Maximum convenience: you can easily add or remove laundry items even after the programme has started.

Maintenance-free heat exchanger

Save time and energy: a filter protects the heat exchanger so it no longer requires cleaning.
 Efficiency and sustainability


Information at a glance: energy consumption and fluff filter status displayed for long-term, low consumption.

EcoDry technology

More time and money for the important things in life thanks to short running times and low energy consumption.


Double bonus: thanks to EcoSpeed, you can dry your laundry over 20 minutes faster* with optimum energy efficiency
Compared to Miele tumble dryers without EcoSpeed with the same load size and energy efficiency class. Tested in the Cottons programme with a full load size.
 Gentle laundry care 

DryCare 40 

Gentle fabric care: DryCare 40 dries almost anything that can be washed at 40 °C*. This saves time.
Not suitable for woollens or silks.


Visibly crease-resistant: creases are gently removed from wet and dry laundry.
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TCA220WP Active T1 heat-pump dryer:
TCA220WP ActiveT1 heat-pump dryer:

with A++ and outstanding Miele quality at an attractive entry-level price.

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TWV780WP Passion T1 heat-pump dryer:
TWV780WP PassionT1 heat-pump dryer:

The Miele all-rounder for the highest demands and very gentle laundry care. 

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TWC220WP 8kg T1 heat-pump dryer:
TWC220WP 8kgT1 heat-pump dryer:

with A++ and outstanding Miele quality at an attractive entry-level price.

In stock
TWL780WP EcoSpeed&Steam&9kg T1 heat-pump dryer:
TWL780WP EcoSpeed&Steam&9kgT1 heat-pump dryer:

with SteamFinish, DryCare 40 and SilenceDrum for gentle drying. 

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